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My name is Renato Mancini, I was born in Italy in 1954.

I got started early in the world of ironmongery, making it a profession later on.

Seeing a sculpture made of metal tools in 1976 impressed me so much that I started making something of my own, using recycled materials, nuts and iron screws.

My vivid imagination, a strong will to create and an empty farmhouse space was all I needed to get going.

And so, over the years, I've begun to dedicate my spare time to this passion. My works do not come from sketches made at the design table.

the objects themselves, through their form, suggest to me what they want to become . That's how, the constant collecting of recycled materials, particularly scrap iron and similar waste, has become a major part of my research and artistic work.

The fact that 100% of the materials that I use are recycled is fundamental for me.

My welded sculptures are almost never abstract, form and shape are perceptible thanks to their ease of interpretation.

Many works are purely figurative, some translate into life images produced by my imagination, other ones bear a peculiar message.

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